Equity helps ensure that every student, family, and educator in District 14 has what they need to learn, grow, and thrive. District 14 leadership is committed to advancing equity. The Equity Initiative is a first step to creating transparency around equity at the district level and building policies and practices that further equity across the district.
The District 14 Equity Initiative is an effort to better understand a range of factors related to equity in District 14 today, and determine how best to measure these factors so that equity can be improved over time. The initiative will engage stakeholders, district leaders, and school communities to better understand equity challenges facing the district today. Then, the team will work with available data to complete an equity audit. The goals of the audit are:
To build a shared understanding of current conditions
To serve as a baseline for measuring the district’s progress on equity in the future
To help guide the actions that need to be taken in the district to advance equity
This initiative will look at a wide range of issues that fall under the umbrella of equity. These may include school curriculum and program access, restorative justice, staff and teacher representation, student inclusion, and more.  Read more.

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