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Core Leadership Values

The New York City Department of Education is committed to providing every single child, in every classroom, in every New York City public school, with a rigorous, inspiring, and nurturing learning experience. That is true regardless of family income, race, nationality, disability, language spoken at home, sexual orientation, or gender identification.

The NYC DOE Core Leadership Values begin with our reason for being – the success of our 1.1 million students. Our Equity and Excellence(Open external link) for all agenda is realized through your work in accomplishing our four priorities – accelerate learning and instruction, partner with communities, develop people, and advance equity now – and the frameworks, initiatives, programs and supports that contribute to our mission.

Our mission describes “the why” we do our work. The priorities, frameworks, initiatives, programs and supports describe “the what” we do to achieve our mission. Our Core Leadership Values articulate “the way” that we should think and act like leaders, wherever we are in our organization. Those values – integrity, courage, perseverance, interdependence, justice for all and empathy – speak to what we should expect from each other and ourselves.

More information about how we can use our Core Leadership Values will be forthcoming. As first step, you are invited to reflect on the values as a guide for your own decision-making and the way you work with others. We look forward to exploring these values with you.

Equity Goals

Focus Area: Develop and strengthen a welcoming and affirming school environment to improve attendance and decrease chronic absenteeism.

To improve chronic absenteeism by welcoming and affirming the social, emotional well-being, health, and safety of all students, staff, and families through research-based programs and approaches to build affirming inclusive school environments which will result in a reduction of chronic absenteeism in our district and improve the overall attendance rate to 90%.

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