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Mr. David Cintron


David Cintron has been an educator and leader for New York City Schools for over two decades. Starting as an English teacher, David has been a devoted principal at a middle school in the Bronx since 2008. He has also dedicated himself to coaching and mentoring others, including roles as a literacy coach and master principal. He will continue this work as the Acting Superintendent of District 14.

Dr. Alison J. Alexander

Deputy Superintendent

Dr. Alexander has served the District 14 community for 20 years as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and now as the deputy superintendent. In her various leadership roles, she has gained the ability to consider the perspectives of others to help understand challenges and find solutions. Dr. Alexander takes pride in developing people’s strengths and creating learning communities where all stakeholders are committed and work together to ensure the success of every child. She has demonstrated this throughout her career and will continue to champion equitable outcomes for students and families as the deputy superintendent. Dr. Alexander values integrity, hard work, collaboration, and continuous self-learning. She is humbled and excited to serve the District 14 community as the deputy superintendent and looks forward to connecting minds and hearts by building bridges.

Dana Queen

Special Instructional Liaison

Dana Queen has over 23 years of experience in education. She began her career in NYCDOE as an elementary school teacher has provided continuous service in a variety of diverse communities, She most recently served as Instructional Support Liaison in the South Bronx. Dana has also functioned as a Literacy Coach, Mentor Response to Intervention Coordinator, and Assistant Principal. Her areas of expertise include Response to Intervention, implementation of the Reading and Writing Workshop Model, and teacher support and development. Dana is a graduate of The Brooklyn College Educational Leadership Program. She received her M.S. in Elementary Education and her B.B.A. from Baruch College.

Ms. Renée Bacchus

Director of Early Childhood

Ms. Renée Bacchus is a lifelong learner who has many years of experience as an educator. During her extensive career, she has served as an Elementary Education Teacher, Program Coordinator, Testing Coordinator, Parent Resource, ILT member, Professional Developer and Instructional Coach. As a second-generation educator, she acquired her passion to develop the craft of teachers and empower parents. Her core values are leading with integrity, transparency, servanthood, and passion. Collaborating within a PLC to ensure student outcomes and develop lifelong learners, are her top priorities. Renée has a deep commitment to the mission of the shared work at the Division of Early Childhood Education and District 14.

Mr. Jordan Nichols

Family Leadership Coordinator

Mr. Jordan Nichols brings numerous years of parent engagement experience to the New York City Department of Education. Serving the community as an administrator, political activist, parent coordinator, and family engagement consultant he has the families of D14 in his best interest. He leads his mission with the mantra “The more we engage parents, the more we engage the students!” Mr. Nichols believes in encouraging, enriching, and educating families across all cultural, racial, and economic levels. He strives to bridge the gap between families, schools, and the community by utilizing effective communication. His commitment to transparency has been proven time and again that communication is key to the success of every child’s education.

Lydia Ruiz-Ferreira

Lydia Ruiz-Ferreira

Family Support Coordinator

Lydia Ruiz-Ferreira is the Family Support Coordinator. Lydia is a proud American of Hispanic descent and a lifelong Williamsburg resident and a product of District 14 schools. She has worked in the DOE for 18 years. She enjoys planting, reviewing law enforcement procedures, and is active in the community both religiously and secularly.

Susan James

Administrative Assistant

Susan James is a new addition to the District 14 Superintendent’s office, but her prior work for the Brooklyn North team in the Division of School Facilities prepared her well for the current administrative position. At DSF, she experienced first-hand the dedication of custodial staff and members of our skilled trades. Susan is organized, committed, eager, and extremely dedicated to service. She moved to NYC from her native Tennessee at age 18 and has years of service in the non-profit sector, including cultural institutions, listener-supported radio, and a senior center. Ms. James is excited to serve the District 14 office and looks forward to a healthy, inclusive environment where excellence is achieved.

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